Life and Teaching of ET civilizations


Stefan Johansson - Contactee

The ETs has tried to contact me since 2001, but has been unsuccessful due to reasons like having an appointment to pass, being busy with church life, being afraid, don't remember dreams easy, having problem of hearing well and problems with demons interfearing my life sometimes.

So far I have only seen ETs in my hometown and I have been written down what I have seen when the ETs has been different in face as you can read about in English and in Swedish.

My plan for 2015 is that I want to be contacted by ETs and they should be ready to loan a photo of their flying saucer, a photo of their mothership and a photo of their homeworld without people on them.

I will send the photos to Håkan Blomqvist so he can value them. I want to cured from my bad hearing and my difficult to breath when in contact with parfume.

I will keep my contacts with ETs secret until they give me the permission to speak freely about my ETs friends. I want to ride in a flying saucers and meet the people aboard the motherships and travel to their homeworld or their bases.

New I have been reading about A Disc in the Sky, chapter 3 from Ardy Sixkiller Clarke book Sky People and I would like work there for free together with other earth people and the extraterrestrials. I need to take my medicine with me so I can only work Friday, week one to Wednesday, week three. I collect my medicine, Thursday, every second week

I would like to be cured from my diseases (scizophrenia and bad hearing) by the extraterrestrials and choose an extraterrestrial girl who can live with me in my flat. Those are my wishes for the year 2016!

2013 was the year when I finally met one of Lee Crandalls extraterrestrial friends in the city. She looked to be 40 and had shoulder lenght blond hair and like Brother Bocco she had no bones in her hand. I know that for sure, because we shaked hands twice and her fingers felt like a piece of meat in my hands. We talked about me for an half hour, before it was time to say goodbye.

My plan for 2016 is the same as in 2014. In the meantime, you can visit my page about the man who was the world famous contactee, between 1952 and 1955 - George Adamski